2017 West Coast Urban District Forum Program

Long Beach

West Coast Urban District Forum

Join the Downtown Long Beach Alliance, the California Downtown Association and IDA for the West Coast Urban District Forum on March 14-16, 2017. Get social: What questions will you come ready to ask? Share them on Twitter using #WCUDF17. See you in Long Beach!

Tuesday, March 14

12 pm – 5 pm: Registration
Location: Courtyard by Marriott Hotel Lobby
Address: 500 East First Street, Long Beach, CA


1 pm – 3:30 pm: Pre-Conference Tours

Port of Long Beach Tour

Join Long Beach Transit and the Port of Long Beach as they partner on one of their highly regarded Port Tours, a 90-minute narrated excursion. Aboard the tour, you will get up close to operations at the second busiest Port in the nation including towering cranes, the most advanced and green terminal in the world, new infrastructure projects such as the Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement and possibly even catch a glimpse of local marine life including sea lions and dolphins. You will also learn about the variety of groundbreaking green programs the Port has implemented to reduce the environmental impact of operations.
Come see how we’re building green port of the future!

Cost: $50
Meet: TBD

Beach, Brews and Bike Tour

Long Beach is becoming one of the best bike cities in the country. Join us for a slow tour of our downtown highlights and learn how it’s done, SoCal style. Bikeshare, protected bike lanes, bike-friendly businesses, parklets, beach bike path, promotional campaigns and more. Meet the innovators and take home ideas about how bicycling makes dynamic business districts better.

Cost: $25
Meet: At the bikestation located on First Street and the Promenade.

Downtown Neighborhood and Development Tour

Downtown Long Beach has experienced an explosion in development with over $2.6 billion invested during the past four years, including new residential, retail, civic and adaptive reuse of historic and contemporary buildings. Your walking tour will kick-off with a birds-eye view of this magnificent urban waterfront from the rooftop of Landmark Square, 25 stories above the heart of our downtown before descending to the various development sites and eclectic neighborhoods that represent this culturally rich and internationally diverse urban community. The tour will take you through the recently repositioned lifestyle center of the Pike Outlets, Pine Avenue’s Dining and Entertainment District, the gastropubs and breweries along the Promenade and the organically evolving boutique shops and cafes of the East Village Arts District.

Along the way, you’ll also visit historic and architectural gems such as the Jergins Tunnel, downtown’s first and only 1920’s-era pedestrian tunnel that will be included in a future hotel development. Tour a former 33,000-square-foot big-box retail space that has recently been transformed into a creative office and design work space. From high above the urban grid to navigating old and new conveniences and amenities located at the street level, you’ll see it all on this unique and informationally rich tour.

Cost: $25
Meet: TBD

Discover Art Deco Long Beach

Downtown Long Beach is rich with many buildings of the Art Deco and Streamline Moderne style from the 1920s and 1930s. This very special Art Deco Bus Tour will examine wonderful examples of architecture & design. Downtown Long Beach will never look the same to you again! Join noted Art Deco Expert, Author and Art Deco Historic Preservation Consultant John Thomas on a bus tour of Downtown Long Beach and receive a signed complimentary copy of “Long Beach Art Deco.”

Cost: $50
Meet: TBD

5:30 pm – 7:30 pm Opening Night Reception
Location: Parkers’ Lighthouse, 435 Shoreline Village Drive, Long Beach, CA
Celebrate the opening of the forum while taking in the magnificent views of Long Beach Harbor at Parkers’ Lighthouse. This full service contemporary seafood restaurant offers innovative Southern California seafood dishes with a creative sushi list. Socialize, network, and enjoy Long Beach Harbor’s breathtaking scenery while imbibing on cocktails and eating mesquite-grilled seafood.

Wednesday, March 15

7:30 am – 10:30 am: Registration
Location: The Loft on Pine, 230 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA

8:30 am – 10 am: Opening Plenary and Master Talks
Location: The Loft on Pine, 230 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA

The Death of “Downtown”: How Expanding the Concept of the City Center is Critical to its Survival
Downtowns across California and the nation are booming thanks to evolving trends and years of dedication and investment. But how fragile is this success? As new technologies and social patterns emerge, could the modern concept of “downtown” actually be a short-lived fad? Is it simply the latest iteration of the now moribund shopping mall or lifeless lifestyle center?
In this Master Talk, Chris will explore how Downtowns must broaden their reach to include a more diverse, grounded and sustainable framework of complementary neighborhoods comprising the entire center city. He will also outline how downtown BID managers and civic and business leaders must re-imagine the definition of “downtown” and transform what they do to meet this challenge and ensure long-term success.

Christopher Beynon, AICP, Principal, MIG, Inc.

“The street is a community room…by agreement.” Louis I. Kahn, Architect
Inclusive Place Making and Change Making in a time when “voice” cannot easily be distinguished for its civic engagement from hyperbole. The voice of civic and community engagement built great civic cores generation after generation. It built the best of public spaces. Its absence was deafening when downtowns took a turn for worse where lively centers became simply a collection of forbidding buildings. Voiceless and lifeless. Social media gave voice to the voiceless. Yet, we find that the brutality of that platform is pushing us back to being voiceless. Can we truly move ahead to build a downtown that works for everyone when every one of us cannot see ourselves in it? Recapturing the verve and vitality that downtowns can imbue, to define an identity, and reimagining it for the future require us to not only invite and include the voices of a civil society, but to genuinely reflect them back in the physical space.

Dr. Suja Lowenthal

“No One has the Right to Die on our Streets”
Why do some people, despite our best efforts, remain homeless?   Learn about the “Top 14” list in Hollywood – people who are anonymous, imprisoned in their mental illness and left by our systems to fend for themselves – and die.    Morrison will share what her coalition is learning about how to help the most vulnerable.   Be prepared to be provoked.   She has been awarded a Stanton Fellowship to find a way forward and she will share the fruits of her research so far.

Kerry Morrison, Executive Director, Hollywood Property Owners Alliance

10 am – 10:30 am: Break
Transition time to walk to next session

10:30 am – 12 pm: Breakout Sessions
Location: TBA

Finding the Ideal Development Process

Development within a BID can be compared to a three-legged stool: the developer, the city, and the BID. The relationship between the BID and developer is critically important. The BID, as representation of the community in which the developer wants to build, can help the developer meet their goals of creating a profitable project that the city will support. Developers help BIDs meet the expectations of businesses and residents, and through partnership they can fill demands of the overall community. The city, through establishment of policy and the entitlement process, leads the charge and seals the relationship between the three. Management of the process between the three entities can be a true partnership requiring collaboration and efforts to compromise in order to meet community goals, or a hodge-podge of individual voices representing singular interests. This session will hear from all three parties – a BID, a developer, and city planning – to explore the process on how all entities can work together to be of benefit to constituents and the community as a whole.
IDA Session Domain: Policy and Advocacy
Moderator: Collette Hanna, Community Outreach Manager, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.
Jing Yeo, Planning Manager, City of Santa Monica
Scott Schonfeld, Founder & Principal, Linwood Ventures, Santa Monica, CA

Market Research: From Data to Insight to Action

This panel looks at understanding our stakeholders through the lenses of market research data. It addresses how we can use this data to understand how various stakeholders view our downtown spaces and the issues relating to urbanism. This panel will look at opinions that exist around downtown areas from various market research work and how those insights were put to use.
IDA Session Domain: Policy and Advocacy
Moderator: Austin Metoyer, Policy and Research Manager, Downtown Long Beach Alliance
Richard Bernard, Fairbank, Maslinm Maullin, Metz & Associates
Stephen Groner, Principal, S. Groner Associates, Inc.

Cool Retail in the Shadow of the CBD: A 21st Century Paradigm

For decades, downtown boosters have aspired to a retail paradigm based on large anchor stores and well-known brands. Yet as department stores close some of their last-remaining downtown locations, it is clear that this 20th-century model no longer applies. In many cases, the energy and momentum have shifted to the more fine-grained, neighborhood-scaled business districts that sit in the shadow of the traditional CBD. Such is the case in Midtown of Sacramento or the North Loop of Minneapolis, which align more closely with the “neo-hipster” retailer and consumer driving today’s urban renaissance. Even in first-tier downtowns such as San Francisco’s and Seattle’s chain-heavy tourist-driven shopping in the core, is juxtaposed to the more hip and contemporary offerings of Hayes Valley and Pike-Pine. In this provocative session, a panel of consultants and practitioners explore this fascinating phenomenon, and what it means for the expansion of the center city.
IDA Session Domain: Economic Development Strategies & Planning
Moderator: Michael Berne, President, MJB Consulting

Sustainability & Economic Development through Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Downtown Districts

California’s goal to achieve ZNE in commercial buildings beginning in 2030 challenges how to upgrade existing buildings cost-effectively, support businesses, and capture all the potential benefits. Establishing a ZNE District, as part of a BID could be a powerful tool for financing, managing, and integrating renewable and sustainable power systems in downtowns. This interactive session will explore examples, benefits, economic development, marketing, and business retention from ZNE districts. Additionally, this session will provide tools on how to best implement the concepts nationwide.
IDA Session Domain: Planning, Development & Infrastructure
Moderator: Mindy Craig, Principal and Owner, Bluepoint Planning
Dave Hewitt, Senior Consultant, BluePoint Planning
Richard Chien, Senior Program Specialist, City of San Francisco Sustainability Department
Neil Matouka, Project Manager, Energize Fresno

12 pm – 12:30 pm: Break
Transition time to walk to next session

12:30 pm – 2 pm: Lunch and Keynote speaker
Location: TBA

2 pm – 2:30 pm: Break
Transition time to walk to next session

2:30 pm – 4 pm: Breakout Sessions
Location: TBA

Public Spaces, Peaceful Demonstrations, and Effective Management for All

We live in interesting times when the country seems more divided than ever, with people increasingly taking to the streets and public space demonstrations on the rise. Downtown organizations need to reflect on changes taking place in our communities and learn to the affective, supportive, and proactive management organization possible as new issues emerge in the months and years ahead. Join this session and hear the first hand experiences from IDA leaders in Chicago, Baton Rouge, and Charlotte as an introduction to a larger conversation of what every city center must be considering for the future.
IDA Session Domain: Public Space & Place Management
Michael Smith, President & CEO, Charlotte Center City Partners
John Chikow, President & CEO, The Magnificent Mile Association, Chicago, IL
David Rhorer, Executive Director, Downtown Development District, Baton Rouge, LA
Martin Cramer, Vice President Public Safety, Downtown Dallas, Inc.

Residential Renaissance: The impact of residential on downtowns, neighborhood districts, and BIDs.

This panel discussion will explore how booming residential development is changing the dynamics of “business” districts and is reshaping the place management industry. Why residential development is important, how residential uses challenge traditional downtown dynamics, and how BIDs are dealing with residents’ needs and voices. Examples from districts in greater Los Angeles, Seattle, and Portland will illustrate trends and offer a variety of solutions to these welcome but vexing challenges.
IDA Session Domain: Planning Infrastructure and Development
Moderator: Brian Douglas Scott, Ph.D., President, BDS Planning & Urban Design, Seattle, WA
Mike Stewart, Executive Director, Ballard Alliance, Seattle, WA
Ryan Altoon, Chair Elect, Downtown Long Beach Alliance & President, Greater Toluca Lake Neighborhood Council, Los Angeles, CA

Towards an Equity-Driven Growth Model.

Strong cities have strong cores.  Without question, the past two decades have delivered considerable reinvestment to downtowns across North America.  Today, healthy downtowns enable significant tax revenue subsidy that support community-wide improvement efforts.  This model, however, is not sustainable without enabling an economic and community development model that incorporates the increasing heterogeneity of American cities.
IDA Session Domain: Economic Development Strategies & Planning
Moderator: David Downey, President & CEO, International Downtown Association
Kris Larson, AICP, President & CEO, Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc.

In Search of the Music City: What Does Local Business Have to Gain?

This panel discussion will include delegates from Austin, Toronto and California on how music has changed their community, music economy, and place making while supporting artist development. The panel will also explore the relationship between creative city planning, livability, and the music sector as a key industry for your downtown.
IDA Session Domain: Economic Development Strategies & Planning
Moderator: Kraig Kojian, President & CEO, Downtown Long Beach Alliance
Mark Garner, CEO & Executive Director, Downtown Yonge BIA, Toronto, ON
Rand Foster, Owner, Fingerprints Music

Place-Based Marketing: Telling Our Story

How do we build a narrative for the various stakeholders we engage with (residents, businesses, visitors, the media, etc.), to shape the direction of how urban areas are perceived or how our story is told. The panel will examine why branding is important and the process of developing high level strategy. Additionally, the panel will look at the nuts and bolts of tactical implementation of placed based marketing.
IDA Session Domain: Marketing, Communications & Events
Moderator: Stephen Groner, S. Groner Associates, Inc.
Steven Donaldson, Co-Founder & Principal, Radiant Brands
Janice Penner, Executive Director, Riverside Downtown Partnership

4 pm – 5 pm: Break
Transition time for attendees

5 pm – 6 pm: Networking Mixer
Location: TBA

6 pm -10 pm: Taste of Long Beach Event
Location: TBA

Thursday, March 16

7:30 am – 10:30 am: Registration
Location: The Courtyard by Marriott, 500 East First Street, Long Beach, CA

8:30 am – 10 am: Breakout Sessions
Location: TBA

Restaurant Business Improvement Districts: A private-public partnership for restaurant tourism promotion

This session will inform attendees on the creative ways restaurant business improvement districts are being used to benefit restaurant businesses, downtown association, cities, and counties. Historically, BIDs have been public-private partnerships focused on improving commercial areas. In 2005, restaurateurs in Sacramento saw the success of the business improvement district and came together as a group to establish the Sutter Restaurant Business Improvement District. The RBID concept is young, with three restaurant destinations in California collaborating on marketing and promotions with assessment funding. There is enormous potential for the concept to grow to other cities throughout the state. This session will include an introduction to RBIDs, the history behind RBIDs, an overview of why RBIDs matter, and RBID case studies from RBID administrators and restaurateurs.
IDA Session Domain: Organizational Management
Moderator: Nichole Farley, Project and Account Manager, Civitas Advisors
Emily Baime Michaels, Executive Director, Midtown Sacramento Business Association
Michelle St. Amour, Marketing Manager, Dine Newport Beach

Millennials Shaping Cities

The undeniable presence of Millennials (individuals who are “adulting” in the 21st century) is changing aspects of today’s urban centers through the demand for shared streets, public spaces, and more interconnectivity. How are businesses, associations, and cities adapting and remaining relevant to this demographic, particularly as technological advances far outpace policy’s ability to keep up?
IDA Session Domain: Economic Development Strategies & Planning
Moderator: Jessica Lall, CEO, Central City Association
Lexey Radcliff, Senior Community Manager, WeWork
Nick Griffin, Director of Economic Development, Downtown Center Business Improvement District

Building Support for Urban Transportation

As the development and densification of our urban centers increases, it has become crucial to support this development with improved multi-modal transportation. From large-scale rail projects to small-scale pedestrian improvements, the challenges of building community and political support for these needed transportation improvements are enormous. Hear how officials from Southern California governments have navigated these obstacles to pass a $120 billion transportation sales tax measure, redesign streets for people and bikes, and get regional transportation organizations to support projects in urban centers
IDA Session Domain: Planning, Infrastructure, & Development
Moderator: Josh Kreger, Director of Real Estate & Planning, South Park Business Improvement District, Los Angeles

How BIDS Can Partner With Cities to Combat Homelessness

The Downtown Long Beach Associates has been the voice of downtown Long Beach businesses and residents since 1937. Combating homelessness has been a strategic priority for DLBA since 2010. As a result, DLBA has partnered closely with the Long Beach Continuum of Care which has been a pioneer across the nation in serving people experiencing homelessness. The CoC leads, funds and coordinates the efforts of a diverse group of public-private organizations that serve the people experiencing homelessness across the City. This panel will discuss how the two organizations have strategized to address the overall needs of our the community members who are in need of housing, and what Long Beach is doing to push forward in a climate where housing is becoming harder to maintain.
IDA Session Domain: Public Space & Place Management
Moderator: Teresa Chandler, Human Services Bureau Manager, Long Beach Department of Health and Human
Steven BeCotte, Community Outreach Manager, Downtown Long Beach Alliance
Allison Kripp, Friends of Lincoln Park, Long Beach, CA
Shannon Parker, Homeless Initiative Coordinator, City of Long Beach
Jeff Levine, Program Director, Long Beach Rescue Mission
Tara Reed, Program Director, Mental Health America

Rebranding Pitfalls

Are you considering rebranding your organization? Trying to create a brand identity for your downtown?  Looking to make your image and identity match with your message and goals? Discover some of our rebranding triumphs as well some as some mishaps. This experienced panel will cover challenges from varieties of stakeholders, multitude of agencies vying for the contract, budget constraints, and will help you overcome and prevent these common pitfalls.
IDA Session Domain: Marketing, Communications, and Events
Moderator: Kate Borders, President & CEO, Downtown Tempe Authority
Gina Dartt, Marketing & Special Events Manager, Downtown Long Beach Alliance
Pat DiGiovanni, President & CEO, Centro San Antonio

10 am – 10:30 am: Break
Transition time to walk to next session.

10:30 am – 12 pm: Breakout Sessions
Location: TBA

Not Your Momma’s Downtown: The future of retail is now.

Department stores have been the mainstay for downtown shopping districts for more than fifty years, but times are changing. Competition is everywhere, with the ever-present threat of e-commerce, increased costs, and changing consumer preferences putting even the best retail operators out of business. Learn from successful and unique retailers, developers, and those downtown districts whose retail environments are evolving. The future of retail in the context of downtown revitalization is still strong, but it will require a different way of thinking about the traditional retail experience in order to ensure continued vitality for our downtowns.
IDA Session Domain: Economic Development Strategies & Planning
Moderator: Maggie Campbell, Executive Director, Downtown Santa Barbara
Amy Cooper, Owner, Plum Goods, Santa Barbara, CA
Dominic Tartaglia, Executive Director, San Luis Obispo Downtown Association
Barrett Reed, Founding Partner, Miramar Group

Digital Marketing: Best Practices for 2017

We’ve launched our website and set up our Facebook page, now what? Should we be on Snapchat? How do we get people to interact with our website and social media? This session will discuss current trends in digital marketing and present strategies and tactics that help marketing professional break through online noise and reach their target audience. Find out what really works (and doesn’t) to maximize your marketing dollars.
Session Domain: Marketing, Communications, and Events
Moderator: Ariana Gomez, Marketing & PR Manager, LA Fashion District BID
Hazel Quimpo, Communications Manager, Downtown Long Beach Alliance
Mackenzie Carter, Director of Marketing and Communication, Downtown Santa Monica, Inc.
Sarah Seward, Art Director, Circlepoint
Tori Decker, Operations Director, Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt-Uptown District Associations
Tamiko Garner, Administrator Coordinator, Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt-Uptown District Associations

A Seat at the Table: How BID executives increasingly find themselves integrated into civic discussions regarding homelessness in their neighborhood.

No longer can BIDs be passive observers in this situation. Learn about how BIDs are stepping out proactively to play a meaningful role in addressing this crisis. Ideas shared include: keeping data relative to encampments and homeless counts to assist policy makers and capture trends, participating in Connect Days, seeking sites for permanent supportive housing, adding outreach or clinicians to their BID patrol or safety teams, forming or joining coalitions, and raising money for service providers.
IDA Session Domain: Public Space and Place Management
Moderator: Steve Mulheim, President & CEO, Old Town Pasadena Management District

Defining Authenticity

Roll up your sleeves and get to work defining one of the most popular buzzwords in our industry – authenticity.  Join panelists that recently participated in the IDA “Maintaining Authenticity of Place” research council as they delve deeper into the topic. The panel will briefly present the research and then divide into smaller groups to address the questions that resulted from this work.  For example, if authenticity cannot be “made” or “created” then how do we address public art?
IDA Session Domain: Public Space & Place Management
Jane Jenkins, President & CEO, Downtown Oklahoma City
Kimberly Bares, President, PLACE Consulting, Chicago, IL
Casey Gilbert, Executive Director, Portland Downtown, Portland, ME

12:30 pm – 2 pm: Lunch and Mayor’s Panel
Location: TBA

2 pm -2:30 pm: Break
Transition time to walk to next session

2:30 pm – 4 pm: Breakout Sessions
Location: TBA

Reviving the Core: Transforming and Integrating a Shopping Center into Downtown Location

This discussion will focus on the transformation of a previously declining six block shopping center by reintegrating it into the Downtown, encouraging a mix of uses and collaborating with the City on enhancing the public realm. This on-site discussion will address challenges and opportunities about this work-in-progress development.
IDA Session Domain: Planning Infrastructure and Development
Moderator: Kraig Kojian, President & CEO, Downtown Long Beach Alliance
Michael Bohn, Senior Principal, Studio One Eleven
Catherine Morris, Broker, WilliamMorris Commercial, Inc.
Tony Shooshani, Managing Member, Shooshani Development

Using Tactical Urbanism for Testing, Engaging and Building Community

Tactical urbanism employs temporary interventions to the urban fabric to create an alternative environment from the one typical experienced on a daily basis. Whether for a single day or a couple years, tactical urbanism can be used to test ideas, engage stakeholders, shift narratives and build momentum for transforming communities. The session will share examples of tactical urbanism projects in various Southern California communities employed to serve a variety of these purposes
IDA Session Domain: Public Space and Place Management
Moderator: Brian  Ulaszewski, Principal and Executive Director, City Fabrick
Sean Warner, Place-making Manager, Downtown Long Beach Alliance
Amber Hawkes or Shannon Davis, Co-Directors, Here Design
Christopher Koontz AICP, Advance Planning Officer, City of Long Beach  

Meet the Heroes of Improvement Districts Outside the Downtown Who Fight for Survival

With more improvement districts outside the Downtown becoming established, learn how they manage smaller budgets and deliver community impact? How are resident and business relationships, which are usually more intertwined and complicated, differ from those in the Downtown? Learn how these organizations fight to get attention with the City, Downtown and other neighborhood organizations when everyone else is asking for it!
 IDA Session Domain: Economic Development Strategies & Planning
Moderator Blair Cohn, Executive Director, Bixby Knolls Business Improvement Area (Long Beach)
Sara Berns, Pacific Beach (San Diego)

Urban Retail: Tools for Attraction

Learn about the variety of tools that downtowns are using to attract retail. We will cover the basics to new trends and discuss how downtown organizations can lead this attraction effort.
IDA Session Domain: Economic Development Strategies & Planning
Moderator: Mary Miller, President & CEO, Downtown Norfolk Council

Advocacy Partners

With the changing landscape within our country, advocacy is becoming a larger component of our daily activity. How do we advocate more effectively, efficiently and impactfully to our constituents at the city, county, state or federal level? How can we create advocacy partners within the travel & tourism industry? This panel is designed to discuss avenues to work better with other organizations to create a single more powerful voice to solve issues that impact us all.
 IDA Session Domain: Policy and Advocacy
Moderator: Byron Best, Executive Director, Walnut Creek Downtown
Barb Newton, President & CEO Cal Travel
Scott Slocum, sales and Marketing Director, Walnut Creek Convention & Visitors Bureau & Chamber of Commerce
Wendy Hasse, Marketing Director Tourism, Destination Irvine

4 pm – 5:30 pm: Closing Reception
Location: BO-Beau kitchen + Roof top, 144 Pine Avenue, Long Beach, CA
Close out the reception in celebration at BO-beau’s kitchen + roof top bi-level gastropub. Peruse the extensive beer list with over 46 beers on tap, eclectic cocktails, and a worldly wine list. Enjoy BO-beau’s globally inspired and sophisticated comfort food dishes. Gather on the patio to enjoy the view of Pine Avenue or get playful and start a game of Ping Pong or Jenga!