California Downtown Association’s membership is diverse, representing hundreds of small business and property owners on main streets and in the historic downtowns and business districts in rural communities of the central valley, the foothills of the Sierras, the beach communities along the northern and southern coasts, as well as the downtowns and revitalized districts located in the heart of California’s urban centers.

Thirty five percent of California Downtown Association members are the executive directors and managers of BID’s, property and business improvement districts (PBIDs) and voluntary merchant associations. These organizations range from small, shoestring organizations sustained by dedicated volunteers to million dollar organizations charting the way for emerging 24/7 urban centers. While these organizations vary in size and funding, their missions are similar: To provide support to the business and property owners whose livelihoods depend on safe, clean and visitor-friendly environments.

Another 35 percent of California Downtown Association members are economic and community development directors and staff, as well as managers of cities throughout the state. Cities throughout California are engaged in community development efforts that are reinventing downtowns to accommodate high-density live/work economies. California Downtown Association members share the best practices and innovations that are benefiting the lives of all who live, shop and seek entertainment in downtowns.

The balance of California Downtown Association membership is comprised of consultants and vendors whose companies provide services such as streetscape improvements, BID formation and management, urban planning, marketing, branding and other supporting industries.

Together, California Downtown Association members are a strong network of professionals whose work is shaping the future of our downtowns and community business districts.


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